About “Morihei” distributer of natural sharoning stone and knives since 1933

Using a sharpening stone to maintain your knife blades sharp is not as hard as you probably imagine.
Once you get the hang of it,you will enjoy improving your sharpening skills to get truly polished blade and experiencing stone’s character that varies according to kinds of stones and quarries which the stones are coming from.

Since 1933, Morihei has been serving fine natural sharpening stones quarried in Japan and knives made by Japanese sword-crafting techniques.
We welcome you to visit us and encounter Japanese traditional technique and work of artisans.


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Morihei corporation

1-28-6 Asakusabashi Taito-ku Tokyo Japan
TEL:03-3862-0506 FAX:03-3861-0377

For Overseas Customers

We are sorry, but we do not make international shipments. We would appreciate your understanding.
However, we always welcome your coming to our shop. We are sincerely looking forward to your visiting. Thank you.